Our ingredients are top quality and are either wild harvested or grown without any additives or chemicals. 


Before I get into the story of how I started this business, I want to start by saying that all of our mushroom supplements are either wild harvested or grown in an FDA approved lab with 0 additives and chemicals. Almost every single one of our family members consumes these same mushroom extracts, so we ensure we are growing the highest quality product. 


This business began because one of my family members got sick and I started conducting research in what could help him.


Two years ago, my father got diagnosed with prostate cancer and I was devastated, yet determined to help out in any way that I could. I know that cancer is a game of luck/chance/medical expertise, however I thought I would be able to increase those chances by providing some kind of herbal remedies. I stumbled upon chaga early on in my research as there has been a lot of studies on the anti-tumor effects of chaga. I quickly learned that chaga has the highest ORAC level (antioxidants) out of any superfood in the world and that chaga has been used for centuries in Russian traditional medicine.

Luckily my father did not have metastatic cancer and was able to be cured pretty quickly. However, because of this unfortunate circumstance, I began taking chaga on a daily basis with my father. I immediately noticed that over the months I was taking it I began to feel much better, I got less colds, and my overall well being was improved. My dad had the same experience and began buying it for all of his coworkers who say they had the same experience. I recommended chaga to my mother who is a true advocate of traditional medicines such as Chinese herbal medicines (in which she uses on herself as well as her 18 year old cat who has benefited tremendously and his been able to live to this astounding age). More recently she started giving him chaga and she claims she's seen incredible boosts to the cat's health. First off, the cat pukes up blood almost on a daily basis when not taking chaga (due to his old age, unfortunately we've not been able to do anything about this), and second, the cat has problems with arthritis which has incapacitated him from moving around like a cat is suppose to move. After about a week of taking chaga, my mother said the cat stopped puking blood (only once every few days) and he has had improvements with his arthritis which now allows him to jump on the couch again, which he has not been able to do for over 1.5 years now. It might be a coincidence but she really does claim it has helped her cat tremendously which I believe just because she's tried a lot of herbal medicine on her cat before.

I started to realize that these aren't mere coincidences and that chaga has truly amazing health properties associated with it. The unfortunate part about chaga is that there are very limited medical studies on humans on our modern era even though there have been quite a few studies on animals and rats with promising effects and there are a lot of claimed benefits from our older generations. That being said, seeing the effects first hand, proved that there is something truly amazing about chaga.

Seeing chaga's benefit, I started to dive a bit deeper into other mushroom supplements and discovered Lion's Mane which has compounds that help support brain function and regenerate brain cells, among many other things. I began taking this supplement myself and saw a boost in my memory as well as daily cognitive function. I still take Lion's Mane and Chaga on a daily basis.

I truly believe that these supplements are still in the beginning phases of actually being very prominent medicinal and supplemental, health promoting instruments in our modern medicines. Hence, I have started this business to bring these supplements to the people so they can try it for themselves and tell their story about their improvements. I would also like to mention that for every 50 units sold, we will be planting one tree in order to support the environment as we have seen a tremendous degradation in our planet from humans in the past 10 years, and I would like to contribute to help save the planet.

I hope eventually, using the profits brought from this business, I will begin conducting medical experiments using these supplements, with the FDA's approval, on humans so we can bring conclusive evidence on these supplements' benefits.


A picture of the Azarenko family enjoying a vacation in Mexico. 

Picture of the Azarenko family